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We are all Sinners, But God Heals Us, with an Abundance of Grace, Mercy and Tenderness
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Healing of the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul
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Free Healing & Ruqyah: 33 RidingLane Hyde, Chesire SK14 1NP

10 AM – 5 PM


10 AM – 5 PM


10 AM – 5 PM


10 AM – 5 PM



10 AM – 5 PM


10 AM – 4 PM

“Due to Covid-19 all appointments are done Online via Zoom”

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Free Healing Ruqyah

Free Healing & Ruqyah has been established with the Intention of Serving the needs of the Muslim Community. Our Aim is to help, Counsel and Provide the Prophetic Treatment known as Ruqyah from the Authentic Source of Qur’an and Sunnah. Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of Qur’an, seeking Refuge and Remembrance and Supplications used as a Means of Treating Sickness and other Ailments. Our practitioners are all trained Under the Supervision of the Principal of UK Academy of Islamic Sciences, Ahmad Dabbagh.

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Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of Qur’an, seeking Refuge and Remembrance and Supplications used as a Means of Treating Sickness and other Ailments.

“We send down the Qur’an as Healing & Mercy to those who believe”

Qur’an 17:82

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+44 7760 724606

+44 7708 771022

+44 7460 642563

If you call and do not get through to our Administrators, Please leave a voice message, with your name, number and symptoms and we will respond at our earliest, or alternatively send an email.


Health and Faith are Your Most Important Assets. You Should Entrust them Only to the most Experienced Practitioners.
All Practitioners have Expertise in their field, They Are Fully Trained to Consult & Professional Ruqyah Specialists.
Our Treatment Plan is Designed for Steady Progress, with our Practitioners on Hand to advise you along the way.
Each Session is Dictated by your Unique Symptoms and Concerns – With the Goal of Making you Take Ownership and becoming Independent.

Welcome To The House Of Wisdom
Free Healing & Ruqyah.


Dabbagh Welfare Trust
A registered international charity, which aims to help the world’s poorest people with their sufferings, by distributing collectively Sadqa, Zakat and Lillah in a prophetic way
Spiritual Ascension
Spiritual journey to The Divine Presence (Ascension). From Ilmul Yaqeen to Ainul Yaqeen and finally to Haqqul Yaqeen.
Prophetic Path

An international organisation conveying the sacred message of Islam and blessed teachings of the last and Final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Wiselife Academy
To transmit the light of Divine and human wisdom in a practical, meaningful and applicable way into everyday lives, solving everyday problems, across the world.

Latest News

Our Recent, Collective Healing Event, Let The Healer Heal You attracted over 200 Participants from all over the World. Several media outlets interviewed the participants and practitioners. By the Grace of Allah Almighty the Event was a Huge Success.


Fruits of knowledge character building training thought at Prophetic path. have you ever wondered what Islam really wants from you? Have you ever questioned what the end product of Islam is? How is Muslims really supposed to behave? Is it all just about outward worship or is there more to it?
For Brothers:
+44 7760 724606
+44 7460 642563
For Sisters:
+44 7708 771022
Muhammadiyah House of Wisdom 33 Ridling Lane Hyde, Cheshire SK14 1NP United Kingdom.